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Coachella, Day 1

Imogen HeapCoachella Day 1 was awesome. Of course. I'll post more details later with pictures, but quickly:

Lots of crappy bands in the afternoon until Imogen Heap. She was really incredible in person. Good stuff in the dance tent: Hybrid and Daft Punk being the highlights. Also, Franz Ferdinand and Depeche Mode put on some really fun shows at the main stage last night.

Today is just getting started. It should be a good day and I am especially looking forward to Bloc Party and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But the heat is really intense today. At least I am wearing my brand new fair-trade sun dress!


So much for not using a computer this weekend

Turns out Coachella has free internet! I am at a terminal right now, right at the camp site. Rob, Katie, and I drove down here today. Took us only about 10 hours. Fun. Thanks LA. Nice to know that the folks from El Paso got here faster than us. Not much to say yet since we have only just arrived, set up our kick-ass huge tent, drunk a few glasses of wine, and are now just wandering around. But I had to blog. Because I could. Because I am turning into a blogging whore. Go me.

Almost on top of things

I don't feel totally on top of things, but I am getting closer. Lately I have felt very under things, and it has been getting me down. Time hs been flying by, and for the most part I have been having lots of fun. But that also means that I haven't gotten around to doing a lot of things that I have been needing to do. And eventually it piles up and starts to be overwhelming. That's where I have been lately.

This week, though, I have gotten a lot done and as a result, I am feeling a lot better. There is still tons to do, especially with work, but I can just now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully I am done with regular expressions for a while.

Now I am off to bed to get a few hours of sleep before the big drive down to Coachella tomorrow. I will be sans laptop for four whole days! When I get back, I will be officially in my new department, although I will be transitioning for a while yet.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

I hate regular expressions

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are lucky. If you do know about regular expressions, then I know you hate them too. But not as much as me, because I am sure that you have never had to document them before. I am not saying that regular expressions aren't important or useful. The syntax of them just sucks beyond words. And like anything else, bad design makes my job a million times harder.

Ugh! What is with using the same characters to mean different things depending on where they are in the expression? For example, the quanitfier '??' means match zero or one times (the first question mark) and use the reluctant algorithm (the second question mark). Makes perfect sense huh? And then there is the caret (^). '^Lauren' means to match a string that starts with Lauren. But put this in brackets, [^Lauren], and suddenly the caret now means the complement of Lauren. Whatever.

And don't get that use of the caret confused with '\P'. You use that when you want the opposite of a property or block range (as opposed to '\p'). And I still can't figure out when you can use a dash without needing to escape it. And I just got told that I have to deal with back references, which I am still trying to figure out how to use.

Plus this whole ordeal has made me realize how stupid the DITA tagging is, especially when you are trying to reuse tables in HTML . I know using a tags named row and entry looks nicer than just tr and td, but totally not necessary since 99% of the time, you are going to just convert them right back to HTML tags. But that is a whole other rant.


Bird flu hits south Florida!

Bird flu!

My parents are pretty much the only people I know who still forward me chain emails with subjects like "Funny!" and "This really happened!" So normally, I am not too excited when I see an email from one of them with an attachment. But today, my mom sent me this picture because she knows that I love pink flamingos (in addition to garden gnomes, but that is besides the point). It did make me laugh out loud this morning at work, which was a pretty good way to start my day.

Are blogs the new email chain? Instead of forwarding this to 50 of my closest friends, I find myself just posting it here, which is pretty much the same thing. At least it isn't as intrusive.

Thanks Mom, even though I know you aren't reading this because I won't send you a link. I mentioned to her that I have a blog, but since I don't want to make my online rantings too public, I don't really advertise it. I figure that if people really want to find it, they can on their own, since it really is incredibly easy to find (Google my name, follow first link, and then click the "my blog" link).

Three days…

…to Coachella! I am quite excited, although it looks like Normen will probably bail on me. So, it looks like it will just be three of us going, which will be ok, but less than ideal. Since it involves taking two days off of work, I doubt there will be anyone else who will want to go with us. Ugh.

Anyway, I have quite the old-skool domestic night: After I got back from the gym, I cooked a delicious pesto pasta and veggie dish. I even opened up a bottle of wine to go with it (over half-way through it now!). Then, I finally made my favorite apple cake with the apples that have been in my fridge forever. I am muchly looking forward to it coming out of the oven. The only thing I am worried about is that I ran out of white sugar, so I had to use brown sugar, which I know will affect the texture. But I am sure that it will be delicious.

I usually don't open a bottle of wine or bake because I end up eating and drinking too much. Also, being drunk and on a sugar rush isn't as much fun alone. But tonight, what the hell.

If I were blogging a year ago

Through some Flickr browsing, I ended up reading this blog. I thought, "hmm, I might have written something similar to this if I had been blogging a year ago." And then I read this part:

I still truly care about Elijah and his family. They are all still important people in my life, and I hope and pray that Elijah and I will continue to be friends. We still have many of the same mutual friends, we still take many of the same classes–we may even still end up going to the same college.

And I realized, "Holy crap, this girl is in high school!"

Poking around her blog and pictures, I started to wonder, "Is she just an interesting, articulate high-schooler, or I am still acting and writing like a high-schooler? My blog and pictures aren't even this good."

I guess it doesn't matter. Anyway…Erin, I think you are pretty cool.