God, I love waffles

My favorite midnight snack lately has been waffles. Waffles are crispy goodness. I am not talking about Egos here. Come on, this is me. I am making waffles with my wafflemaker. However, they are not from scratch. Surprisingly, Trader Joe’s Multigrain Baking Mix is better than my from-scratch recipe. But having a mix makes them all the more tempting for me to make them on a whim.

Of course, I am not just eating waffles. Waffles require toppings. So I take some frozen raspberries an mircowave them for a minute. They turn into a perfect raspberry topping with nothing added!

Tonight what inspired me to make waffles was a bottle of lemoncello. I have a bottle of homemade lemoncello that I got for Christmas. I saw it in my freezer tonight and decided to pour myself a glass. But it wasn’t so tasty. I remembered watching Emeril macerate some berries with lemoncello, so I thought I would make some raspberry sauce with it instead of drinking it. And that of course required waffles to put them on. Very If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Did I mention that I own two wafflemakers? One is a regular wafflemaker, and the other is a wafflecone maker. Does it get more specialized than that? I love it. People often as what exactly is a wafflecone maker. It is just like a regular wafflemaker, except that makes really really thin waffles. Then you just take out the warm waffles and roll them around a mold to make the cones. They cool in a few seconds, and you have tasty tasty wafflecones!

The point is: I love waffles, not to mention wafflecones.


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