Googling fun

Another old Spokesman-Review article showed up in my latest Google search of my name, as result #4. From 1997:

Ferris High School surpassed 18 other high schools to take the top three places of a recent Eastern Washington Regional Science Olympiad competition. Collectively, the three Ferris teams won 23 medals – nine gold, eight silver and six bronze – and advanced to the state competition at Eastern Washington University…The second-place team members are Stephanie Bostwick, Patty Chen, Katie Dubois, Monica Durkin, Nick Elison, Lauren Hoernlein, Brooke Kempner, Jeff Kromm, Morgan Mattfeldt, Jennifer Oh and Cynthia Wallace.

Sadly, it didn't mention that I got one of those gold medals and a few of the silver and bronze. But still extremely exciting, huh? It is almost as exciting as result #5, from a 1998 article:

Following are awards handed out during the Greater Spokane Music and Allied Arts Festival…Class 101, Ensemble, grades 5-college: certificates of award, gold, Gabrielli Horn Octet (Holly Forstie, Glen Hannibal, Kerrie Cardwell, Patrick Carlson, Courtney Collins, Amber Moore, Kellie Guilfoil and Lauren Hoernlein).


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