Oh, how I want you!

I want you!

I was at Ted Baker in Santana Row yesterday and fell in love with this dress. Oh, how I miss my carefree shopping days before homeownership!

But, I have to remember that last December, I spent way too much on a dress and shoes at Banana Republic, and they are still in my closet waiting to be worn. I don't have the occasions to wear pretty dresses, so I really don't need another dress. But that doesn't stop me from wanting them!

UPDATE: I just realized that I have the *perfect* light blue sandals to go with this dress. UGGHH! Must….keep….away….from…Santana Row….


2 responses to “Oh, how I want you!

  1. I think I’ve been to Santana Row before! It has the Container Store, right? I just remember how much I loved that store. I loved LOVED it.

  2. Yup, that’s the place. I wrote about it here, although since that post, I had quite an annoying experience at a restaurant there, so I am not quite as happy with it. I guess I shouldn’t hold that against the stores.

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