So I have mentioned that important things in my life happen in clusters. Well, even not so important things do to.

Yesterday afternoon, on my way to the cafeteria at work to meet a friend for coffee, I ran into a guy I had a crush on years ago. He lives in Germany, so I was quite surprised to run into him (he is here for a class). We chatted for a few minutes and he gave me some German chocolate.

Then while I was sitting in the caf, my ex-boyfriend from last summer walked right by me. I hadn't seen him in about four months, even though we work at the same site. We did the whole see-each-othe-but-not-really-acknowledge-each-other thing. We'll be in the same department in a few weeks, so I think I'll be seeing more of him.

Last I went to the 80s party at the Cat Club in San Francisco. I knew that since I ran into the other two, I would for sure run into Owen. I met Owen there in December. We kept in touch over the holidays and went on one date that went really well. Then he never called me. Normen saw him at the Cat Club with another girl a while ago. I have been back there a few times since then, but hadn't run into Owen yet. But of course he was there last night! He came over and said hi, we chit-chatted about things, and he apologized for not called and introduced me to his girlfriend. It was all very friendly. I guess that shows that I was never really into him.

So three ex-crushes in one day. Funny how that happens. And I was happy that I was wearing a very cute outfit with my very cute new shoes when I ran into all of them.

Now I am working in the San Francisco office after sleeping in this morning. I love San Francisco! And just think, I could have accepted a job here instead of the one I took in San Jose. But I think I made the right decision. I can still come up here every once in a while like I do now. All in all, life is good.


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