Quick reviews

In the past 48 hours, I have gone out to quite a few places. Here are my quick reviews:

  • Bangkok 16 (San Francisco): A terrible Thai place in the Mission that I ended up at because the really good place was packed. Everything was bad: service and food.
  • Cat Club (San Francisco): Fun as usual. Drinking a lot helps make the 80s music tolerable. Decent crowd. Danced in the cage!
  • Cafe du Soleil (san Francisco): Why can't there be places like this in San Jose? Lovely, delicate pastries, organic espresso, and pretty. I am going to steal their paint combination (red, yellow, and light blue).
  • Sino (Santana Row): Good ambiance, good drinks, good bartenders, but the worst waitresses I have come across in a very long time. Plus the bad music was so loud, I could barely hear anyone talk. Very disappointed and won't be running back.
  • Mountain Charlie's (Los Gatos): Fun for about 15 minutes. Not worth the $8 cover. Overrunning with IBMers. Lost my favorite sweater. There is a reason that I go there only about once a year.

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