If I were blogging a year ago

Through some Flickr browsing, I ended up reading this blog. I thought, "hmm, I might have written something similar to this if I had been blogging a year ago." And then I read this part:

I still truly care about Elijah and his family. They are all still important people in my life, and I hope and pray that Elijah and I will continue to be friends. We still have many of the same mutual friends, we still take many of the same classes–we may even still end up going to the same college.

And I realized, "Holy crap, this girl is in high school!"

Poking around her blog and pictures, I started to wonder, "Is she just an interesting, articulate high-schooler, or I am still acting and writing like a high-schooler? My blog and pictures aren't even this good."

I guess it doesn't matter. Anyway…Erin, I think you are pretty cool.


One response to “If I were blogging a year ago

  1. Thanks so much, Lauren! I really appreciate your comments, and I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog. I don’t care to speculate on whether I am an interesting or articulate high-schooler… lol. 😀

    But after a brief look around here, I really enjoy your writing style. So I think you are pretty cool too. 😉

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