Bird flu hits south Florida!

Bird flu!

My parents are pretty much the only people I know who still forward me chain emails with subjects like "Funny!" and "This really happened!" So normally, I am not too excited when I see an email from one of them with an attachment. But today, my mom sent me this picture because she knows that I love pink flamingos (in addition to garden gnomes, but that is besides the point). It did make me laugh out loud this morning at work, which was a pretty good way to start my day.

Are blogs the new email chain? Instead of forwarding this to 50 of my closest friends, I find myself just posting it here, which is pretty much the same thing. At least it isn't as intrusive.

Thanks Mom, even though I know you aren't reading this because I won't send you a link. I mentioned to her that I have a blog, but since I don't want to make my online rantings too public, I don't really advertise it. I figure that if people really want to find it, they can on their own, since it really is incredibly easy to find (Google my name, follow first link, and then click the "my blog" link).


2 responses to “Bird flu hits south Florida!

  1. Google is the best search engine

  2. my husband and I cracked up! This is too funny!

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