Coachella, day 2

Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the main stage 

I am now home from Coachella, so a quick note.

Sunday at Coachella was the big Madonna vs. Tool day. Highlights of the day were Bloc Party and Mogwai. Biggest letdown was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Biggest annoyance was Madonna: starting 25 minutes late, and then singing songs that no one knew while trying to play guitar. Massive Attack was boring and Tool sounded like Tool.

I barely got sunburned, but I was suprised at how sore I got. My knees, lower back, and feet were all killing my by the time Tool got on stage. Part of me wanted to be skiing this weekend to take advantage of the last weekend of the season, and my pass, but I told myself that I was tool beat-up anyway and that listening to music all weekend would be easier on my poor body. So much for that theory.

Tired and cranky, we drove back to San Jose today, getting home at about 7:00. I took a much needed shower, and then bored my friend who doesn't care about music with all of the details of the weekend. (Seriously, I was singing "Precious" to her because she didn't know any songs by Depeche Mode and she still didn't know who I was talking about. And don't even get me started on my failed attempt to sell her on the virtues of RSS. But I don't take it personally because she thinks that having a MySpace profile is "nerdy," and she really didn't care about my explanation of MySpace being for music nerds and for real computer geeks to criticize.)

Tomorrow is my first official day of at my new job. No, today was technically my first official day for my new job, but I took the day off, so that makes tomorrow my first day that I'll actually show up for my new job. I will start it off by uploading all of my pictures from the weekend, finishing all of my work from my old job, and let's face it, I am sure I'll find time to blog as well.

Pictures are now posted!


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