Stephen Colbert is awesome

I have been a big Stephen Colbert fan since day 1 of The Daily Show. That was back when I was in high school and Craig Kilburn was the host. My friends gave me a hard time back then because I said I had a crush on him (tall, dark, well dressed, confident, funny, smart…what's not to like?). So of course now I watch The Colbert Report after The Daily Show fairly regularly (after the Sex and the City reruns).

Last night both shows talked about the White House Correspondent Dinner on C-Span, and of course I wanted to see it for myself. Before I even had a chance to find the video online today, Normen sent me the link via Sametime.

While watching the videos (I multi-task hardcore), I started clicking around the blogs and found, which of course, I signed. And now I am adding to the "buzz" by posting about it here too.

If you haven't watched it, watch it. It it funny, not hysterical, but funny. The amazing part is that he is saying these things with Bush sitting feet away.

At least read a story about it.


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