I’ve Been Moved

Yup, months before my 5-year aniversary, I am now sitting in my fifth office.

Let's review:

  1. Inside office that shared with a co-op. Plus side was that it was big and I had someone to answer all of my newbie questions. Plus it was right next to the printer room, so there were always people stopping by to say hi. Downside: it was next to the old secretary office, and so people often mistook us for administrative staff.
  2. Corner window office. I had it to myself for 9 months inbetween co-ops in my department. Plus side was that I was sitting with a bunch of old-timer developers and not all of the other writers. Downside was the red glow that reflected in from the building next door. Even though the view wasn't great, I loved it. I think I was in that office for a couple years.
  3. Corner window office 2. A new manager decided that my officemate and I should sit with the other writers. The view of hills and cows improved muchly, but the volume of our gossiping had to be decreased muchly as well.
  4. Corner window office 3. I switched departments, and so I moved to a new tower with a view of the plaza. Plus side was that I could watch all of the exciting plaza action. Down side was that the afternoons got hot as hell.
  5. Inside office. I now have my own inside office that I share only with a server. It will take a lot of work to fix it up and make it livable. I hope my plant doesn't die. Already planning with new teammate how to kick out some co-ops in a corner office and move over there.

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