How many must die?

Beyond toast

How many slices of bread and bagels must die under the intense heat of my oven broiler before I'll buy a toaster?

I have been going without a toaster oven since last summer. I have been meaning to get a new toaster oven ever since then, and in the mean time, I have been using the broiler in my oven. A toaster is one of those things that you don't have to have, so you can get away with one less kitchen appliance if you need to (says the girl with the wafflecone maker).

You see, the thing is, I don't have a lot of counter space for a toaster oven, and so the one place where I can put one is rather narrow. Most toaster ovens are 15 to 16 inches wide, but I need to find one that is 14.5 inches wide or narrower. I found one online, but I never got around to ordering it. First of all, it didn't have the best reviews on Amazon, and also, I have been trying to save money, and a toaster isn't the sexiest thing to spend money on.

Yes, I know I could go with just a toaster and not a toaster oven and not have the width issue, but I have discovered that I really like using a toaster oven for my toasting needs. You can easily watch the toasting process and remove your toast at the perfect moment with a toaster oven. With a regular toaster, you have to drop your bread in and just pray that it won't burn before the time is up. And then if it isn't toasted when it pops, you have to put it in again, and then you have to keep popping it back up to see if it is done yet. Plus! you can use a toaster oven for many other tasks like melting cheese on an open-face sandwich.

So I have been going without. And I use the broiler if I need toaster-oven like functionality. But the one thing the oven can't do it turn off after a pre-determined length of time. This toast is the result. I would say that about half of the bread (or waffles, buns, etc.) that I put under the broiler burns. I usually remember it when I start to smell the burning.

You would think that this high mortality rate would make me buy a toaster already, but I don't toast often enough for me to feel like it is at a crisis stage yet. And each time I do it, I tell myself that it is the last time that I burnt the toast and that I'll never do it again. So the picture is of the last burnt toast.


2 responses to “How many must die?

  1. I can’t imagine going without a good toaster. I got mine from Goodwill a long time ago, and that may seem like it’s a piece of junk, but it’s actually a wide-mouth one that is so f-ing durable. How can you go without! You must get a toaster NOW. Toast is a staple.

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