Crazy sailor girl

No, not me. Portia. Portia is my friend Normen's girlfriend, and she is a crazy sailor girl. I haven't met her, but I have heard about her adventures sailing from San Francisco down to Mexico, then to Central America, and now to Hawaii. She is somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean right now. On a sailboat. Alone. Like I said: crazy sailor girl.

Other people have found her story pretty interesting, too, and have written an article about her in an English-language Costa Rican newspaper. It begins:

When the 27-year-old Hawaiian native rowed herself ashore at Playas del Coco last week she could have been Portia, Shakespeare’s beautiful, rich heiress, who according to her father’s will, who was to set a puzzle for all prospective suitors.

Normen estimates that she should complete her 60-day voyage and reach Hawaii no sooner than June 1 (he IMed me his calculations in detail yesterday, including conversions to nautical miles). When she arrives, he is going to meet her there, using the more traditional transportation method: airplane.

Until then, he waits, and I can tell that his thoughts are drifting farther and farther west, at an average speed of 2.89 knots.


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