Family therapy

Spending this weekend with my family was exactly what I needed. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful loving family. Getting out of town, playing Pinochle, eating home-cooked food, cuddling nephews, and talking did me a world of good.

I drove up to Lincoln Saturday afternoon, and that drive is the worst part. It is a long, boring drive, and it didn’t help that Ilicia called and filled me in on the night before. I had to tell her to stop telling me things because I couldn’t handle knowing any more. Mortified doesn’t even begin to express how I felt.

But when I got to my aunt’s house, I was able to relax and enjoy hanging out with my aunt, uncle, and grandma. We told stories, Grandma said some classic Grandma 1-liners, they harassed me about not eating the ham, and we played Pinochle. Not to complain about my allergies again, but the next morning I ran to get some Claritin because I forgot to bring any, and my allergies were of course terrible. I went to Railey’s and they were completely out of allergy medicines! The shelves were bare! I asked them and they said that it would be another week before they got more. Wow.

Anway, we headed to my brother’s family’s new house out in the country south of Sacramento. The house is finally done! Well, not quite, but enough so that they could move in a few weeks ago. Their place is wonderful, and I am looking forward to spending many weekends there this summer hanging out by the pool and playing with the nephews.

I had a chance to just sit around and chat with my brother for the fist time in a long time. We talked about everything from construction loans to AIX servers to air pollution. It was good. Talking to my sister-in-law was also really good. She is beyond awesome and made me feel so much better about stuff that’s been going on lately.

The nephews are of course adorable and sweet and cute and everything a two-year-old and a 6-month old should be. Playing with them seems to put everything else in life in perspective.

Driving back from Sacramento really wasn’t that bad tonight because I talked to my cousin Mike. He called just to chat because he heard that I had a new job. I didn’t grow up with my brother, and so I was really close to my cousins, especially my younger cousin Mike (he and I were the two babies in the family). With college and everything, we had fallen out of touch, but lately we have started talking on the phone and catching up again. He is such a sweet guy and I love him to death.

I also talked to my other aunt today because my other grandma is in the hospital (she is going to be fine), and we started to plan my trip to Spokane this summer. I really miss Washington and it will be good to go back. I am going to plan it so that I am there the same time as my cousin who had a baby a few months ago.

Oh, and I even talked to my dad today, which I wasn’t even planning on. He called my grandma to with her a happy Mother’s Day, and since she was in the shower, I ended up talking to him for a while and hearing all about his new puppy. And then I got that email from my mom when I got home.

So I am feeling the love from my family and I am thankful.


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