Fire Arts Expo

fire eating

Last night I went to the Fire Arts Expo in San Francisco. Pretty interesting stuff. Lots of fire, lots of propane fumes, lots of startling explosions.

They had maybe two dozen fire art displays and then fire performanes throughout the night. The coolest fire display was the fire vortex. Two people blew propane into the middle of a ring of fans to create a tall cyclone of fire. It was so hot that the crowd kept pushing back. If I had a chair, I could have just sat back and watched it forever like a campfire.

There were also a few really good performances that combined fire, acrobatics, dancing, and theater. Definitely stuff you don't normally see. I took some blury pictures.

Fire VortexThis was also a chance for the gold fur coat to make an appearance. I wore my gold fur coat, red sparkly dress, and gold boots. The best part was that I changed into the outfit at a park in Woodside where we were having a picnic beforehand. People were staring as I walked out of the restroom, and the park ranger asked if we were maybe overdressed for the park. At the expo, there were lots of other fake fur coats, but mine was still a standout.


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