Getting kids to eat healthy: the new entertainment

The word seems to be getting out. We feed our kids crap and they are getting fat. How do I know? Because I watch TV shows that tell me that. I am facinated by the new crop of reality TV shows that are trying to get kids and families to eat better and exercise more. I have watched:

  • The Biggest Loser, Families. Two families complete to lose the most weight while working with nutritionists and personal trainers.
  • Honey, We're Killing the Kids. Dr. Heart shows parents projections of what their kids will look like at 40 if they continue eating poorly, and then helps them create a healthy new lifestyle over three weeks.
  • Jamie's School Lunch Project (Jamie's School Dinners in the UK). Naked Chef Jamie Oliver goes on a crusade to completely overhaul the school lunch programs in London.

All of these shows have web sites with lots of nutrition and exercise information to with them, along with plenty of things to buy to help. I wonder if families are watching these shows and changing their own habbits? Or are just people like me watching them and so are they preaching to the choir?

The school lunch project is by far the most interesting of the bunch. I am really amazed at what Jamie has accomplished. He also has tons of information about how you can help to improve school lunches. Remember in Super Size Me when Morgan goes to the schools and shows the horrible junk food that most of the kids are eating, and then he shows the alternative high school where they are eating real food? Jamie's project is like that, on a huge scale.

While I was looking for a link for Super Size Me, I just made two very cool discoveries: first of all Super Size Me now comes in a "PG" version for educational purposes. I always thought that that movie would be great to show to kids because they would really relate to Morgan and the format of the movie, but that schools and parents would never show it because there is swearing. So even though I disagree that you would have to make an edited version for kids, I know you'd have to for it to be shown.

Also, Morgan has a blog! I know I shouldn't be surprised because everyone has one these days, but I am still quite happy, especially since it seems to be updated fairly frequently. I am also happy to see that Morgan is going to schools and talking to kids, and annoyed to see that he has to deal with such stupid crap.

I am also getting re-inspired to go forward with my own little healthy food education idea. I was all set to go with a cooking class for some kids that I work with earlier this year, but then because of some personel changes, it was put on hold, and then life got busy for me. Now I am ready to go again and maybe now do more of a summer program sort of thing.

I have been encouraged by my smaller efforts as far as healthier snacks go. The kids normally get fruit snacks, pretzels, or cheese crackers for snack. These have been healthier options that we have had in the past, but I am still not happy to see kids eating the same processed food all of the time. So sometimes I bring in some fresh food. Ants on a log is always a huge hit because the kids have decided it is a combined art project and snack. Strawberries were also much appreciated (also by the adults!), but I was disappointed to see that some thought that the naturally sweet berries were too sour, which I blame on the unnaturally sweet snacks they usually eat.

Ok, I am rambling again, but my mind is spinning kind of fast thanks to the doubled iced espresso I had a few hours ago, and I really should put that energy towards some work that I need to get done so I'll get paid so I can pay the mortgage.


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