Not that EXITEd

So it seems to be a requirement every spring to talk about how to get more girls interested in math and science, why there aren't enough female engineering, and how math can be FUN!! Oh, pu-leeeze.

I am so sick of it. Maybe I am just bitter. I had the "you're a girl who's good at math, so you should be an engineer" brainwashing throughout school. And here I am, doing a job that I am really pretty good at. But guess what? I hate it. Maybe hate it too strong of a word, but I am definitely not passionate about it.

Why don't we encourage kids to do what they are passionate about? Do what they really want to do? Sure, I was told that I could be anything I wanted to be, but at the same time, I was also very much encouraged to pursue a science-oriented career, preferably related to math and physical sciences because biology is a little on the girly side.

We took a career interest test in high school, and guess what it said I should do? Be a social worker. Yup. And guess what everyone's reaction was? Laughter. And I blew off the test. Guess what my mom said when I came home one time during my first year or two of college and said that I was considering being a teacher? "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." I am sure she didn't think anything of her offhand comment, but it did make me stop and reconsider.

And now here I am, thinking about going back to school to do something related to social services, education, or public health.


2 responses to “Not that EXITEd

  1. DO IT!!!! If you don’t, then I will come down there and knock the crap out of you. You will regret it for the rest of your life if you never even give it a shot. Take the initiative and go for it! Sure, it’s scary, but that is what makes it that much more appealing and, in the end, more satisfying. Look at me, I am 27 and am starting Pharmacy school. That’s six years of work and study while I am holding down a full-time job, but I am excited to do it. The benefits massively outweigh any negativity that you can use to talk yourself down. Do whatever your heart desires you to do, and DO NOT LET ANYBODY TALK YOU OUT OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! You only go around this lifetime once, so make the most of it! Wondering will never get you anywhere, it’s action that makes your life worth living….

  2. Sorry, I apparently channelled Tony Robbins for a minute.

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