Typing and typing

I just got back from a little overnight trip in the city. And ever since I got home, I have been glued to my computer typing away. Flickr is full on new pictures, along with a lot more descriptions than usual. Check out Metroblogging San Francisco for quite a few new posts. And now it's my own little blog's turn. I am going to try to write about everything that I didn't talk about on the other two sites. I think San Francisco has the same affect on me as skiing: I have such a good time that I feel the need to write it all down. This could take a while…

I had such a wonderful day and saw so many interesting things that I have been busy documenting it all. First of all, Friday afternoon, a friend and I went down to Gilroy to do some outlet shopping. That place is dangerous. I bought tons of new summer clothes. Let me just say this: chocolate is my new color. Oh, and white. I started buying white for the first time last summer, and I have stepped it up a notch this year.

Friday night I took Normen to a little get-together in San Mateo. I was the DD, so I got to be the sober person laughing at the drunkies. It was a very fun night. We ended up staying until after 2 AM. Then Normen and I drove up to his apartment in Hayes Valley, where I crashed until noon today. Who knew that I could sleep so well on a little air matress on the floor.

pefectionWe finally got up about noon and walked down to Blue Bottle Coffee where I had an incredible organic cappuccino. It was so amazing that I had to take a picture. Then I caught the bus to the Ferry Building to catch the tail end of the famer's market. Because I was planning on a full day of shopping, I was limited as to what I could buy and carry around with me. I ended up with the following haul:

  • CIA Greystone Herb Garden Honey: a harvest from the hives at the organic garden of the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. I had wanted to get some local honey because that is supposed to help with allergies, but they didn't have any from the San Jose area. But I sampled the different honeys they had, and I was blown away by the variety and complexity of the flavors. The CIA honey is the darkest, most interesting honey I have ever tasted.
  • Frog Hollow Farm organic meyer lemon marmalade. I have never tasted a lemon marmalade before, and it completely blows orange marmalade out of the water. The little bits of rind in it are delicious. This jar isn't going to last long.
  • Whole wheat walnut bread from Acme Baking Co. I discovered on my first visit to the Ferry Building that the bread baked right there is a lot better than the Acme bread you can get in the grocery stores. And I never noticed before that they use organic flour. Cool.
  • Nectarines from the central valley. I loved talking to the grower about the differences between Washington and California growing seasons and varieties of fruit. They got kind of beat up by the time I got home, but I have set them out to ripen as the lady instructed, so I am hoping that they will still be tasty on Monday.
  • Brooks cherries. The nectarine lady recommended that I get some cherries from another grower there when she heard I was from Washington so that I could compare them to Bing cherries. I munched on them as I walked around. They tasted and looked like less intense Bings.
  • Dried cherry tomatoes. I saw these bright red dried tomatoes and couldn't resist. The guy selling them recommended that I soak them in white wine for 20 minutes and then toss them with pasta or salads. I can't wait!
  • Burnt caramel Recchiuti chocolate. Oh. My. God. This might have been the best piece of chocolate that I have ever had. Period. And yes, I am including La Maison du Chocolat. The texture was perfect. The flavor was devine. The finish lasted forever. I think I should join the club.

Ok, that's the end of food section. Now art! Across the street from the Ferry Building are the art tents. You'll find your typical SF phtography and beaded jewelry there. One photographer's work caught my eye from all the way across the plaza. I ended up falling in love with one photo of a tea cup and teapot and ordered a large print. My first real artwork! It is going to go in my kitchen after I repaint. I could go off about the colors and the intimate feeling of the image, etc., but I'll save that until I have it and it is hanging on the wall. For now, I'll just say that everyone should go check out Jill's photos in San Francisco.

My other big art purchase was a necklace from Blue Wild Indigo. Her jewelry stood out amongst the typical bead necklace stalls there. There was something delicate and refined about it. I bought the Urban Cowgirl Lariat in chocolate brown with a brown beaded pearl. It is so light and soft that I put it on before I bought it and haven't taken it off yet. It is very much jewelry for someone who isn't into jewelry.

EmbarcarderoThe other cool artist I met was a guy who made some really interesting pottery. I didn't buy any because I just can't buy pottery when my house is already overflowing with it. But I spent lots of time admiring his work. He had the best glazes, which he told me he mixed himself. Making glazes is a whole other aspect of ceramics that I haven't even begun to delve into. He also had a nice touch: he glazed the bottom of his mugs, which is quite tricky and labor intensive. Plus he does all of this just during the summer; the rest of the year his is an elementary school teacher in Oakland.

Meeting these people made me think. They are out there making their art and making a living. I felt really  good about spending my money on that stuff today. And I think I'll feel happier when I wear my new necklace compared to my Target necklaces. Same goes for when i look at my new photograph in my kitchen compared to my Ikea poster in my livingroom. I'll remember talking to the people who created these things, and I'll remember the sunny afternoon when I bought them, and I'll have that emotional reaction that real art evokes and that something from Target can't.

I have spent way too much time writing. I have no idea where my evening went. I didn't even get a chance to talk about going to Eric's Restaurant or my experience waiting for a dressing room at H&M talking about auras. I guess those stories will have to wait. Right now I am heading to Safeway because it is the only thing open to buy cat food and contact solution. Then I have to get to bed because I have to get up early because I got invited to go sailing in the San Francisco bay tomorrow. It should be a perfect day for it!


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