I need get an iPod already

I had no idea how much I hate classic rock until tonight. I was at the gym for the first time in ages, and I was driven out by the music. It was mildy annoying at first, but after an hour of non-stop Rollings Stones and ZZ Top, I was cranky. Finally, when Bohemian Rapsody started, I couldn't take it any more and had to leave. It has never been that bad before. I even asked the guy at the desk what the deal was, but he could only agree with me and say that he couldn't change it.

I need to finally get around to ordering an iPod Nano.


2 responses to “I need get an iPod already

  1. I highly recommend an ipod shuffle for the gym. They are cheap, work like a champ and never skip. The fact that it weighs nothing makes it perfect for working out, and if you happen to crush it under a stack of weights you are only out 70 bucks.

  2. But I don’t even have a regular iPod yet, so that’s why I am thinking the nano would be good: lightweight for the gym, but with the more of the functionality of a regular iPod. Plus, Jen has one and it is cute!

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