Journal entry, age 14

I kept a diary in junior high, but I was so embarassed by what I wrote in there that I destroyed it. At the end of 8th grade, I started a new one. I wrote in it every few months for about two years. Here is the first entry, for your entertainment:

Friday, June 10, 1994

Today I'm starting my second journal. I have only two days until school gets out. This year has gone by so quickly, I can't believe it. May has been the busiest yet. I was the the Greater Spokane Music and Allied Arts Festival and only got an 84. It seems the better I play, the lower the score I get. The Junior Lilac Parade was last month too. They decided to just give out one award instead of lots like last year, but we didn't win. We were pretty bad. The Sliver Spurs spring show was the same day. It was the funnest show ever. We were laughing the whole time and did a lot of fun dances. The sad news is that Kelly is leaving. Her husband got a job in seattle. I'm oing to miss her so much. Angie has been taking her place and hopefully will get her job next year.

On top of everything, I had two major reports. Well, I survived, but just barely. Now June is almost just as busy.

Last night was an informational meeting for band camp. I'm so excited! It sounds like a lot of fun. Before that I am going to Ferris' leadership came called SPEAR. A lot of people at school are going to it, including Sara.

Wednesday night was the eighth grade dance. You were supposed to dress nicely, but some people over did it. They wore formals, had their hair done, and took limors. For the most part it was like any other dance for me. I didn't dance with anyone as usual, bt I did ask Eric. He said no because he likes Gail. I don't really care though. I didn't ask him myself. Jean, Katie, and Dri asked him. Dancing with a guy can be an ordeal. Dri did dance with Roy, lucky. I thought about asking him, but I didn't. In my yearbook, he wrote that he'd with that he'd gotten to know me better and gave me his phone number. I looked at Dri's and Kathy's yearbook and he didn't put his number in theirs. I thought about puting my number in his, but I didn't. What is wrong with me!? Ughh!!

So I don't keep you hanging, the Roy drama continued for 6 months until I we finally went on a date: my freshman-year winter dance. After the dance, he never called me, or my ex-best friend who is was also sort-of dating, again. Ah, the drama of it all.


2 responses to “Journal entry, age 14

  1. HA, HA!!! You danced with me your junior year!!!! I’m special, but not only because my mommy says so…..

  2. I stopped keeping a journal by then, so sorry, no mention of you in there!

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