Another first for Lauren

DSC03182Last night I went to the Cellar for Normen's birthday. I opened up a tab at the bar because I didn't have much cash. So of course I was drinking, but honestly, I wasn't completely wasted. The place was hot as hell and I was dancing, so that's why I looked as harsh as I did by the end of the night. And even though some might think otherwise, I wasn't so drunk that I was doing things that I don't remember. I knew what was going on, folks. Anyway, by the end of the night, I was doing just fine. But I still managed to leave the club without closing my tab. Damn. First time I have done that. Sorry, that was a lot of build-up for such a minor first.

But it is annoying as hell because now my credit card is up in the city for the weekend. I feel so naked without it. I use it for everything (miles, baby). Normen is going to pick it up for me and give it to me at work, but until then, I'll just have to use my debit card. I know, I know, poor me.

UPDATE: Normen just picked up the card and they charged me just $20, including tip, for all of my drinks! There are only three drinks on the bill, which is at least half of what I remember ordering: three drinks for me and three for other people. I guess it pays off to have a difficult name to understand in a loud club.


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