Challenges at work

I am having some challenges here at work today:

  • Document management. Why is it that something so basic to my job is so difficult? My old group used too many, and my new group uses too few (read: none) systems. Lots of content management systems and version control systems out there, but nothing that seems to work for us. I was hoping that Slashdot would give me some new ideas, but no.
  • Articulating strategy when it seems like old news. I am having trouble putting together some information on strategy that now seems so old and obvious to me. I thought it would be easy since I have explained this stuff so much over the past few years, but now I have gotten to the point where I am like, 'That's just how it is so deal. Trust me. It is the right thing to do.'
  • Trying to care about this stuff enough to focus and do a good job with it.
  • Getting rid of my old work from my old job. It is my fault because I just can't seem to wrap it up.

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