Lovely Los Gatos

Wall by Caffe Siena

I went to Los Gatos yesterday afternoon to work on some pieces for my first pottery sale, and so before I went to the studio, I stopped by Caffe Siena for a macchiato. I lived in Los Gatos for almost three years, and Caffe Siena was my regular coffee place. Since moving to San Jose last year, I haven't made it to Los Gatos very much other than for class. So I was quite happy that I was still "sweetheart" and they remembered my regular drink. (The men are all "boss," and the women "sweetheart" to the owner.)

After getting some coffee, I wandered around downtown and up to Bachman Park, taking a few pictures. I stopped at an open house, and I would have loved to have bought the little cottage just off of Santa Cruz Ave, if it weren't listed for $1.3 million.

Part of me really misses Los Gatos. It is so beautiful and I really enjoyed living there. But seeing the luxury SUVs, white picket fences, and designer strollers made me realize that this isn't where I belong right now. Maybe someday I'll move back, but for now, I am happy trekking up the city and fixing up my south San Jose condo.


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