Sports, tradition, and bonding

I golf. I took my first golf lesson last week, and now when people ask, "Do you golf?", I will answer yes. Ok, so maybe I haven't actually played a round of golf yet, but I am close.

Why I am taking golf lessons? I guess I can't avoid family tradition forever. The Hoernleins about two things: wine and golf. I resisted both for a long time. In college, I got into wine, and now it is finally golf's turn. I think they key is that I have made my own way to those things for my own reasons. And what are my reasons for playing golf? I don't know. Maybe it is because I have started meeting people my age who play golf. Maybe I have finally stopped associating golf with my family and I can look at it with fresh eyes. Maybe I need a new expensive sport now that ski season is over.

I even have golf on TV as I type (Vijay just won!). I am not really watching it, but it's on. I used to be annoyed by my family watching golf on Sunday afternoons, but here I am doing the same thing.

The other sport that has popped up in my life recently is soccer, thanks to the World Cup. I am not really into soccer, I will admit, but I still like the tournament. Dan makes a good point about how the World Cup is accomplishing what the Olympics tries to do. At work, they are showing the games in the auditorium, and with all of international employees, it makes for a quite festive environment. At the very least, it is giving us something new to discuss.

I watched part of the Mexico v. Iran match this morning at a friend's house. A big group of us had spent the night after a party last night, so we all watched the game together. I saw Mexico and Iran each score a point, but then we went to breakfast. Driving through Hollister and past a field, a friend mentioned that is was weird that there was no soccer game going on. I was proud of the fact that I was the one who pointed out that they were probably all inside watching soccer.

So my point to all of this is that I think I am finally getting the whole sports-as-a-form-of-bonding thing. Because of sports, both watching and playing, I am bonding with my family, friends, and community.


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