Two things I care about

Ok, I am really busy today and don't have a lot of time, but there are two things that I wanted to quickly mention.

First of all, tomorrow is World Blood Donor Day, which is a celebration of volunteer blood donation. In honor of that, and because blood supplies are low right now (Stanford called me today asking me to donate), please get out there and donate if you can! There are three blood banks in the bay area: Stanford, Red Cross, and Blood Centers of the Pacific. I am personally a big fan of the Stanford Blood Center and have been a apheresis donor there for a few years now, although I have slacked lately, along with more things in my life. Most places take appointments online and also accept walk-ins, so no excuses.

Secondly, I thought I would put out a call for volunteers at HomeSafe Santa Clara. HomeSafe, part of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, is transitional housing for victims of domestic violence and their children (it is not an emergency shelter). We always need volunteers to work in our children's programs, especially during the summer when most of the college student volunteers leave. Why I volunteer there and why I think others would want to:

  • It is fun. I spend two hours every week playing with kids, running around, singing songs, doing art projects. It is a great change of pace from work.
  • It is part of a long-term solution. I like that I am a part of building strong, happy families that are working towards being independent and healthy.
  • The time commitment is perfect: two hours once a week after work.

Add a comment or email me if you have questions about blood donation (and apheresis!) or volunteering. I am happy to talk your ear off about two of my passions. Thanks!


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