What I did with my day off

Patisserie Delanghe I finally finished up some stuff with my old job this week, and since I was going up to the city Thursday night, I decided to just take Friday off. I usually end up with too much vacation at the end of the year, so I decided what the hell. So here's what I did with my random day off:

  • Started Thursday night by grabbing dinner at La Vic downtown, even though I was just there the night before (side note: Paragon and La Vic make me happy to live in San Jose).
  • Met some other Metroblogging authors for drinks at Zam Zam, which is the only place that I have been that knows to serve a Hendrick's martini with a cucumber slice and not olives.
  • Having had quite a few martinis, danced and had a blast at 80s night at Cat Club.
  • Slept in until 11, and then took the bus from Hayes Valley to Pacific Heights.
  • Got a croissant at Boulangerie Bay Bread. Drooled over everything they had there resisted buying everything.
  • On a recommendation, went to Bittersweet. I ended up getting hot chocolate and chocolate cake to eat with my croissant. Also had a few bites of the amazingly rich and delicious croissant bread pudding.
  • Walked down the street to Patisserie Delanghe for another croissant (had to compare!) and a little fruit tart.
  • Headed back to San Jose and to the driving range at Coyote Creek Golf Club to practice before my next lesson.
  • Stopped at a fruit stand and bought cherries and summer squash.

Bittersweet purchasesSo yes, I took the day off to eat croissants and chocolate. And the best part is, I still have my whole weekend ahead of me.


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