Blogging block

I am having writer's block with my blog posts this week. There is a bunch of stuff that I want to write about here and over on metroblogging, but I just haven't been able to put the sentences together. I also need to write up two things for work, and I am having trouble with those too. It is like the ideas are in my head, but I just can't translate them into written words.

 I was doing some car errands today (oil change and wax/detail–poor car had been neglected for too long!), and I brought a little notebook to try to get some things written out. Although I did fill up some pages and got a few ideas for how I want to put some things together, I still felt that same difficulty that I have been feeling all week. But I plan on doing lots of writing this weekend, even if it isn't my best writing, to try to get over this slump. Let's see how it goes…

In the meantime, see what I made for dinner last night:



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