Spokane and Portland look alike

According to creators of Dog Bites Man, Portland looks enough like Spokane to film a show about Spokane there. I haven't been to Portland recently, but from what I remember, they don't look alike. I am watching the show now, I am now examining all of the outside shots to see how well they are passing it off. So far there just seems to be too much traffic for Spokane.

But this wouldn't be an issue if people in Spokane had a sense of humor. It would be awesome if they actually filmed the show in Spokane, went to real Spokane places, and referenced real Spokane things. It doesn't make any sense that they are doing this improvisational show and interviewing real people, but they aren't in the city they are claiming to be in. Why? Because it is such a typical Spokane thing to not realize what the show is trying to do, and that it could be a good thing for Spokane. According to the Spokesman-Review:

"The last thing you'd want the nation to think is that there's some sort of reality in that, and that's how people behave here," said Jeanna Hofmeister, who handles communications between film companies and the city for Convention and Visitors Bureau. She discouraged the show from filming in town because it was starting to get a bad reputation nationwide for tricking interviewees. "We're a town filled with good people and good journalists, and we don't need somebody using us as the butt of their bad jokes."

They wanted to film there, but nooooo. The people making the show haven't even been to Spokane. Thanks, Jeanna.


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