I got a postcard!

I got a postcard, back in October. But I just found it now in my mail folder at work. I know I have checked my folder at least a few times since October, so I don't know why I didn't see it until now. The postcard is from a classmate from my Software Engineering I class that I took at RPI a year ago. He also sent me a postcard from Paris back when we were taking the class, so this wasn't completely random.

Getting the postcard reminded me of what a good experience that class was, even though it was frustrating and the professor was terrible. This was the one class I took where we worked on teams on a semester-long project. My team was 5 IBMers in New York, and one other girl here. Even though we were spread out, we really worked well together and had a pretty good time. Everyone was really smart and really dedicated. We did all of the things that remote teams are supposed to do, and you know what? It worked! We had a Yahoo group to email everyone and to keep track of files. We had weekly conference calls. We IMed a lot. We developed personal relationships, chatting late into the night trying to get code to work and bitching about the prof. And I think we did a really good job and got good grades.

I think that experience is what people talk about when they say that a masters program is so much different than undergrad. People tell me that in grad school, students are smart, much more dedicated, and passionate about the work. I really want to be in that environment, because it sure isn't like that here at work. Just another reason why I think I really want to go back to school.


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