Morbid tool

Jackson West’s blog pointed me to a nifty CDC tool: WISQARS Leading Causes of Death Reports. I used to subscribe to the CDC MMWR (I take that back, I got rid of it because I never got to it in my email inbox, but I just added it to MyYahoo, so I am subscribing again. Have I mentioned how much I love RSS?), I am having way too much fun with this new tool.

Here are some of the random things that I have learned, looking just at CA data:

  • Young women tend to commit suicide with a gun, just like men, but when they get older, women tend to poison themselves, whereas older men are still more likely to use a gun.
  • In my age group (25-34), cancer is the #2 cause of death for women. That was really surpising, until I saw that the number was about the same as for men. The difference is just that there are a whole lot more men killing one another or themselves, so cancer is down at #4 for them.
  • The number of deaths from cancer and heart disease skyrocket at you go from age group to age group, but I guess that isn’t too surprising.
  • Diabetes is a top-ten cause of death starting in the 15-24 age group, and is #7 overall.
  • Men 25-34 are way more likely to die from injuries compared to women. At first I thought it could be because men do more stupid stuff than women. But then I remembered that most of those injuries are from car accidents. I looked at the numbers for car accidents are the same (about three times as many men than women). I would say that about the same number of men and women are on the road, so what’s the deal? Why are men more likely to die in a car? Could it be that women are better drivers? Are the guys not wearing their seatbelts?

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