Updates on random stuff

Me and LeilaPottery sale: It was really hot and really slow. Joanne said that it was the slowest sale she has ever seen. I blame the weather and the fact that it was the weekend right before the 4th of July. But I sold some pieces and had fun meeting the other sellers. It is really strange to think that my work is off in the world, part of other people’s lives. It is kind of the same feeling as realizing that people are actually reading my blogs.

Golf lessons: Going really well. I am having lots of fun, and just last week, I really saw an improvement and was hitting the ball pretty far with a fairway wood. I want to practice, but that will have to wait until next weekend. I also really need to buy some clubs. Next lesson, we are going to start working on our short game.

Fourth of July plans: Just confirmed. Rob, Katie, Normen, and I are heading up towards Portland and Seattle tomorrow morning and returning Wednesday. We have no more plans beyond that, except for letting some friends know that we are on our way. I am looking forward to exploring new places, seeing old friends, and being on the road.


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