The roadtrip crew

Last night at about midnight, I stumbled back home after a five-day roadtrip to Portland and Seattle. I rounded up the usual suspects for a last-minute trip up north. Here is the itinerary of food, drinking, and wandering.

Day 1:
Rob and Katie picked me up and we drove to San Francisco to pick up Normen and his camera. Stopped at Blue Bottle Coffee and Bay Bread. Battled I-80 traffic before heading north on I-5. Took many pictures of Mt. Shasta. Stopped in Eugene for dinner at Poppi’s. Rolled into Portland around 1:00 AM. Had drinks at Dots.

Tin Shed = yummy

Day 2:
Late breakfast at Tin Shed. Had best biscuits and gravy and potato pancakes of my life. Took lots of pictures with Normen’s SRL. Poked around the Saturday Market downtown, but mostly just played with Normen’s camera. Weather was fantastic. Had coffee at Stumptown. Drove to Seattle. Checked into College Inn in U-District. Very cute and cheap, thanks to the bathrooms down the hall. Had view of Space Needle. Picked up gyros at Aladdin’s and ate them on Red Square. Bused it over to Capitol Hill to meet Zach and Jamie for drinks and fries at Broadway Bar & Grill. Later ended up at a bar near downtown. Don’t remember the name, but I do remember spilling my sidecar everywhere imitating someone typing on a Mac.

Me and Zach on Alki Beach

Day 3:
Bused it back to Capitol Hill for coffee at Victrola and breakfast at Costal Kitchen. Lots of walking and talking with Zach. Discovered the water tower at Volunteer Park. Pad Se Ew at Jamjuree and beers at Hopvine. Took the Alki Ferry to Alki Beach. Nice walk along Alki. Awesome pizza at Pegasus, awesome cookies at Alki Bakery. Awesome beers at Feierabend (new place near REI). Too tired to have much fun at Kells, sadly. Walked back to Aladdin’s for late-night munchies.

Under the 99 bridge

Day 4:
Explored Fremont area. Ate breakfast at Costas Opa (first place I ate when I moved to Seattle back in 1998). Walked to the Fremont Troll under the bridge, even though I warned everyone that it was lame. It was. Drove to Portland. Relaxed in the rose garden at Washington Park. Hung out in Katie’s brother’s backyard grilling and drinking wine. Watched the fireworks from the roof. Confirmed that everyone in Portland is a musician/barista.

Big everything

Day 5:
Regretted the second bottle of wine from the night before. Grabbed coffee and breakfast from cute little place around Clinton. Hit the road back to San Jose. Stopped for lunch at Heaven on Earth. Saw largest cinnamon rolls of my life. Ended up in Vacaville for a boring and expensive dinner. Dropped Normen off in SF and finally made it home.


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