I love San Francisco

It is nights like last night that make me realize how much I love San Francisco. I had been in a bit of a cranky mood Friday and Saturday (I blame the heat), but Saturday night completely erased that.

Ghetto GourmetGhetto Gourmet was everything that I hoped it would be. The place was hot as hell and the food didn’t blow me away, but the whole experience was amazing. The whole concept is great: get a great chef and some people who love food together and have a good time. After dinner, we loaded on an old fire truck turned party bus. This weather was perfect at 10 at night, and we cruised around the city, dancing and cheering and waving at everyone else who was out on the town on a Saturday night. It was incredibly fun and I am ready to have Jeremy cater my birthday party and charter the fire truck. (pictures)

MightyAfter our trip around town, I headed to Mighty for Dragnet. Mighty is an awesome space. The DJs were pretty cool and it wasn’t too crowded. The crowd was kind of the hippy/nerdy scene, which was fine with me. (pictures)

This was my third trip to the city this week, and I have driven each time. Of course, this last trip I ended up driving by myself, and of course, it was 2:30 AM that I ran into a traffic jam on 101 that set me back 45 minutes. So I got home close to 4. So I slept till 1 today. But it is so damn hot what else are you going to do on a Sunday?


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