How I am not saving energy

California is in the midst of an electrical emergency and long string of Spare the Air days. Here is how I am not doing my part:

  • I never installed reflective double-paned windows like I have been wanting to do since I bought my condo.
  • My chargers for my phone and camera battery are still plugged into outlets even though I am not using them.
  • My AC has been running nonstop for about 10 days now, even though the thermostat is set at 78 degrees.
  • I never got around to installing a digital themostat to adjust the temperature for when I am not at home.
  • I have an old, inefficient fridge.
  • My dining room window has no window covering on it.
  • I drove to work today instead of taking the train.
  • I drove back and forth between San Jose and San Francisco three times in a week, and I’ll be doing it again tomorrow.

2 responses to “How I am not saving energy

  1. I know, for being a bastion for environmental activism, the Bay Area is not exactly full of opportunities to demonstrate conservation in action. on another note, doesn’t the electricity in the chargers for your phone and camera battery go back into the stream? I mean, otherwise, wouldn’t they get all hot and bothered?

  2. Lmao, nice blog post! I do pretty much all of those things as well!

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