Just desserts

I swear, all I am eating these days is desserts. Ok, that is completely untrue. I am eating tons of other food, and tons of desserts. That’s the problem. I have no self-control, especially when I am in San Francisco. Especially when I am at Italian restaurants. This is getting out of control and must stop.

Friday night I had tiramisu at Steps of Rome with Desiree. Saturday I had chocolate cake at Ghetto Gourmet. Monday I ate about a million peanut butter cookies hanging out at Normen’s apartment. Tuesday I was at a technical briefing (read: day-long marketing pitch), so of course I had to eat the free croissant in the morning, the free dessert at lunch, and the free cookies in the afternoon. And then at after dinner at Gondola with Anna, I had this super-yummy chocolate gelato with a creamy center deliciousness.

Today I resisted the fresh-baked cookies at Speciality’s across the street from the SF office here on Market, instead opting for the spinach salad. But I did have to stop off at Fog City News and pick up a few pieces of Michel Cluizel chocolate. Oh, and this morning, I even resisted getting a croissant at Cafe du Soliel.

One more meal in the city to suvive. I am thinking something like Indian food or some other less-dessert-friendly place.


2 responses to “Just desserts

  1. I’m leaving a comment on every post!

    So what Specialty’s has, that snags me mid-step every time and I have to seriously resist, or just dive in, is the wheat germ chocolate chip cookie. My buddy Hang is also a total glutton for these. They’re rich and quasi-healthy. I’m gonna go get one now.

  2. I love that cookie! Although, it is on the greasy side and feels really heavy after I eat it, taking away from the illusion that it is healthy.

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