Fun, busy weekend

This has been a really busy weekend, but fun. I need to write about some of these things in more detail, but here is a little summary.

Friday night was girls’ night out. I met some friends from my pottery class on Santana Row for dinner at Amber. Amber is higher-end Indian restaurant, and it was pretty good, but I don’t know if it was worth the money. It wasn’t that great. After dinner a few of us went to El Jardin, the outside tequila bar. They were so disorganized that Melynnie and I never got charged for our drinks. Free drink #1.

Since the night was still young, Melynnie and I headed to Blowfish. I tried ordering a sidecar, but the bartender with the cute Australian accent determined that there wasn’t a decent brandy to make it with. I got another drink instead and he didn’t let us pay for our drinks. Free drink #2. We hung out at Blowfish, discussing how we never got free drinks for no reason before, and decided that we should go back to the bar and see if it would happen again. It did. Free drink #3. The only explanation: Wonder Twin Power.

I got home pretty late, and ended up oversleeping and being late for my apheresis appointment at Stanford. Oops. They were cool, though, and let me still donate an hour late. I watched The Producers, which I must say was pretty boring.

Then it was off to San Francisco once again for yet another supper club with Doug. This one was called Cooking With James, and it was 14 of us eating an incredible meal at James’ house. I’ll write more about it in detail later, but for now let me just say it that it was amazing food and entertaining people, and the hours flew by. The next thing we knew, it was after three in the morning.

After sleeping in, Doug and I got breakfast at the new restaurant in Hayes Valley: Modern Tea. It was delicious. I can’t wait to go back and try more stuff there. I read that the desserts are especially good. Then I headed back to San Jose and played my first round of golf at Santa Teresa. My score was 54 on the short course. So that leaves plenty of room for improvement! We had a great time and I am looking forward to playing again soon.

I also have been practicing a lot on my step class. To start out, I am just practicing my instructor’s current routine since I know it so well. I have been going in to the gym and practicing calls with the mic and the music. I am starting to get the hang of it and I should be ready to do the warmup and maybe the first and second combinations of the regular Tuesday and Thursday classes soon. I think I’ll be ready to start subbing towards the end of the month.

Now I have tons of writing to do, tons of laundry to do, and tons of dishes to do. Monday I start my break from pottery class, so I am going to a event. I am going to a house in Palo Alto for a dessert party and conference call with Al Franken and Barak Obama to kick off election season. Politics and sugar is always a good combination. I’d like to find someone to go with me since I don’t know anyone there, so if you want to go, let me know!


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