Tomato season has arrived!


I am so excited. I bought my first heirloom tomatoes of the season yesterday. I went to Trader Joe’s, and I am always sort of hesitant to buy produce there because everything is wrapped up in plastic containers, making stuff seem not as fresh and less appetizing. But I bought the organic heirloom tomatoes and some nectarines. Both were so delicious that I already ate all of the nectarines, and I have only one of the four tomatoes left.

This picture is of my dinner last night: spinach salad tossed with basil chiffonade and a vinaigrette of California champagne vinegar, olive oil, and CIA honey, topped with sliced tomatoes and a poached egg. Not shown: all of the nectarines I also ate.

Tonight I had almost the same thing: spinach salad with the same dressing, but this time I added some sunflower seeds, pecans, and diced tomatoes. I had another poached egg with sliced tomatoes on the side. It was easier to eat this way. I tend to be somewhat repetitive when I cook because since I am cooking for one most of the time, I’ll have plenty of leftover ingredients. I’ll remember how yummy something was the day before and want to eat it again. So I do.


One response to “Tomato season has arrived!

  1. I’m really getting into the boiled egg + really good tomato sandwich with a bit of expensive cheese. It’s super yummy. I got a heirloom at Frog’s in the Ferry Building- ridiculously expensive but very, very tasty. I almost hate it more that TJ’s is inconsistent, and the produce is trapped in plastic and tantalizing. Are they just teasing us with occasional cheap winners??

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