Application season is starting

I need to start applying for grad school soon. I want to get my M.P.H. in Public Health Nutrition. The schools that I have found fulfill two requirements: they offer accredited MPH degrees with programs that focus specifically on nutrition, and they are located in cities that I want to live in. Here is the current list:

University of California, Berkeley. First choice. It is one of the best programs in the country, I would still be close to my Bay Area friends and family, and I would get in-state tuition. However, the program is extremely competitive.

University of Washington. Good ol’ UW. I could go back to Seattle and my old stomping grounds. I would be out of state, which would make getting in harder than when I was living in Washington, and the tuition would be higher, but even out-of-state tuition is about the same as UC in-state.

New York University. I haven’t been to New York, but the possibility of moving there is exciting. It is the one place where I would know nothing and no one. Tuition is twice as much as the other schools. But, they offer Spring admission.

One of the key parts of the application is the personal statement/statement of intent, etc. Since I have been talking to anyone who will listening about my plans, I have started getting better at articulating them. However, I plan on using this blog to start writing up my ideas so that I can get feedback and cobble something together for the applications.


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