WordCamp was yesterday

The bloggers

I thought I would follow such an uninspired title from my last post with an equally uninspired one. But my boring titles in no way reflect my experience at WordCamp. To sum it up: it kicked some serious blogger-geek ass.

Me and WillFirst of all, huge props to Tommy for telling me about it. And huge props to Matt for doing such a last-minute, informal event so that all of us last-minute folks could show up and be a part of such a fun day. And horray for Anna for always being up for my random SF adventures.

It was great meeting Will and Om and all of the other WordPress and blogging folks. Especially interesting to find out more about community management and the need for technical writers in the online and open source world. Good good stuff.

Me and AnnaStuff that totally worked and was appreciated: location (planned just for me, right?), tons of water, cool t-shirts, interesting discussion topics, musical interludes, free lunch, and free booze.

Suggestions for the next time:

  • Parties need music. (People will DJ for free.)
  • Unstructured discussions can be good, but don’t let questions from a few people completely take over.
  • Vegetarian food options are always appreciated.

2 bloggers + 1Rough demographic information about the attendees (not that I am complaining):

  • 85% men
  • 85% white
  • 85% under age 30

Now I am all the more excited to get the latest incarnation of my blog up and running on hornline.net.

Update: My sf.metblogs.com post is now up.


5 responses to “WordCamp was yesterday

  1. I’m glad you had a good time and I’m very glad I told you about it. It’s too bad I didn’t make it to the party afterwards; it was a really long day.

  2. Yo Yo What’s their to do in San Fran when I get bored of all the geeks?

  3. What to do in SF, David? Eat!

    And there are always more opportunities to get together and drink, Tommy!

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