The Men of WordCamp 2006

Just because the WordCamp crowd was predominantly male doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve their own photo spread. You guys were cute! So let’s show you off!

And, so I present to you:

The Men of WordCamp 2006!
(in no particular order)

Will Pate
 Another Will picture

Tommy Keswick
 Mr. Willoby

Zbigniew Braniecki
The foreigners

Andy Skelton
Photo by: Scott Beale (Laughing Squid)

Photo by: Brian Walsh

Matt Mullenweg
Photo by: Brian Walsh

Steve Cooley
Photo by: Arnaud Hubert

David Krug

Aaron Brazell
party people = party pictures

Some notes: Yes, this list is completely subjective (and fairly random). I took advantage the relatively large pool of men at the conference and picked the guys who I thought were cute enough to make the cut and who had pictures that I could use. If you aren’t on the list, it could mean that I just couldn’t find a photo of you. But I welcome petitions for other guys to be added. This is all in good fun. Finally, all of these photos are either mine or are being shown under Creative Commons licenses. Please let me know if I did not attribute you correctly. Enjoy the show!


16 responses to “The Men of WordCamp 2006

  1. Dude you need to get a poll on here. Matt was a contender for top prize, but now Marc is looking pretty good. I have a soft spot for dinner companions Gandalf & Will. Will is a front runner because he got that valleywag prize… tough call. They’re all great.

  2. Hahaha. Make a calendar, Lauren! 🙂

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  4. Anna, yet another reason why I need to get wordpress up and running on

  5. ditto for

    I’m all for the calendar. The proceeds can go towards vegetarian food WordCamp 2007! Why didn’t the guys do tongue action like Elea did???

  6. We could try this again if you want. Calendar shoot this weekend?

  7. I’ll send in my best pose with my WordPress blog. :p

  8. I’ll be at the SFlickr meet on Thursday with my camera, ready to take more pictures!

    And I am up for any project that funds food!

  9. You need to come to Baltimore. G&M crabcakes are to die for.

  10. If we sell enough calendars to pay for the airline ticket, I’m there!

  11. I’ll have to Yelp G&Ms for your benefit. :p

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