Google surfaces H.S. glories

Once again, a recent Google search has turned up some past glories. From the Spokane newspaper in 1997:

The second-year Japanese students from Ferris High School placed first at the Skit Contest. The members of the class are: Seniors: Ryan Bentz, Kristan Blackhart and Mark Hammons. Juniors: Leah Bodker, Grant Darigol, Lauren Hoernlein, David Huang, Brenda Klein, Paul Spangler and Tim Ike. Sophomores: Aaron Dahmen and Clint Mumaw.

I love how there is no mention at all as to what the skit contest was or any other useful information. From what I remember, all of the Japanese students in Spokane would participate in this big Japanese speech competition every year, and by far the biggest event was the skit. I can’t remember if we won for our Japanese version of Star Wars where Luke does go to the dark side and everyone dies, or the Japanese version of Titanic where Rose and Jack fight and everyone dies because they are battling for the piece of floating wood at the end. Both were gold-medal performances.


2 responses to “Google surfaces H.S. glories

  1. Clint Mumaw was a friend of mine from UW CSE. I say “was” because he kind of dropped off the face of the planet a bit after graduation. You have revealed some funny history that I would probably make fun of him about, if only I had contact with him….

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