A little idea’s journey through the blogosphere

After WordCamp, I, like all of the other bloggers there, blogged about the event and surfed Technorati and Flickr to read and comment about it. It all started innocently enough. I found a blog post that had some of my Flickr pictures on it, so I made a comment. Next thing I knew, I had started a bit of a discussion about copyrights. Some people were rude and illogical, but some folks, like Matt and Chester, backed up my position more eloquently than I ever could. Also, this is what triggered my Men of WordCamp post, in case anyone was wondering where that came from.

In additon to being linked to from various other blogs, this discussion has continued, for better or worse:

It has been an interesting experience and I have liked seeing how a small idea or comment can grow into something that is way beyond me and my pictures. Ain’t Web 2.0 great?


8 responses to “A little idea’s journey through the blogosphere

  1. And yet again I got sucked into commenting, rabble-rouser that I am.

  2. “sucked into commenting”? 😉

  3. Good stuff Lauren. I will be in SF again next week want to grab some coffee?

  4. sucked into commenting on chartreuse’s blog- basically didn’t want to feed the fire, but I just… can’t…. stop. sigh.

  5. hahha dont feed the fires.

  6. Lauren – david *and* I will be in SF next week 🙂 Podcast? 🙂

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  8. Google is the best search engine

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