I know that I haven’t been posting as often as I usually have. I really have been wanting to, but between writer’s block and lots going on, I just haven’t been able to get anything finished. Because I love you all, especially my readers from back in the MySpace days as well as my new readers, I’d thought I’d give you some teasers for what is to come:

  • Geek dating tips. All of the communication methods out there (IM, email, blogs, SMS) are really to the geek’s advantage when it comes to dating geeky girls. However, there are some simple rules that must be followed to avoid the creep factor and to avoid ending up here.
  • Transparency and openness online. I had some interesting conversations lately with people like my big brother and mom about how much I talk about myself here. A good standard for me has been to not putting anything here that I wouldn’t want either of them to see.
  • Web 2.0 is the reality TV of the internets. Think about it. What do Real World and MySpace have in common? What do American Idol and this have in common?

Over on sf.metblogs, I have a few things planned as well:

  • Am I a wannabe hipster?A blog post about the Yelp party that I missed and some other comments floating around these days has made me do some introspection. Am I a hipster? Do I want to be? Am a trying to hard? Are kids like me just irritating the good folks of San Francisco?
  • Cook with James. My latest adventure in underground supper clubs and it was incredible. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant where you could run into the kitchen between courses, watch what they were cooking, ask a million questions, and take a million pictures. Pure foodie heaven.

DSC00622Lots of fun things coming up for me too:

  • I am going to a tequila party on Saturday, and we all know that
    Lauren + tequila + boys = guaranteed entertainment.
  • Next week I am off to Camp Biack Rock. It will be a weekend of seeing family and friends, hanging out by the lake and drinking beer. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Finally, just wanted to say congratulations to Matt Mullenweg. While the results are not yet final, Life in the hornline is predicting that Matt has won over Will in the first round of the Web 2.Ohh Hotties contest. I guess that there is a correlation between height and success after all (see Blink).


3 responses to “Teasers

  1. I am going to a tequila party on Saturday, and we all know that
    Lauren + tequila + boys = guaranteed entertainment.

    Damn I wish I was going to be there! :p You’re going to drink the good stuff – Patron and what not, right?

  2. this is great- you don’t even have to write these articles now, teasers are enough. Oh and the Blink reference was the tipping point.

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