Pandora, great. and Mog, meh.

I love music (like anyone hates music). I love downloading and listening to music on my computer. But I don’t have time to deal with another profile and another community just for music. I am not into it that much. I have been a huge Pandora fan for about a year, and I love the latest enhancements for discovering new music. I love the tie-in with iTunes and the simplicity of it all. I really have found tons of new musicians because of it.

I have been on for while, but all that I use it for is to post my lastest music on this blog. I like that it tracks everything that I listen to on iTunes because I am a stats junkie, but I don’t really have any use for this information. And they keep changing their UI, which is constantly confusing.

Rob is a big Mog fan, so I tried to check that out, but it is just too much work get that set up (unlike Pandora, where you are in business after adding just one song you like). Plus the Mog client thingie I downloaded totally caused weirdness and never worked right.

So what I really want it to be able to add contacts a la Yelp to Pandora so I can easily go to their profiles, listen to their radio stations, and see their bookmarks. The profile pages are pretty good and keep getting better–I just need to be able to easily get to them.

Here is my Pandora profile page with my radio stations and favorite artists and songs. Since the bookmarking feature is fairly new, well not that new I realize, I haven’t really used it yet, but I plan on slowly adding my favs. Oh, I also have my music page here on this blog, but it needs some work.


2 responses to “Pandora, great. and Mog, meh.

  1. Here’s something for you!

    Connect to other Pandora users at

    I think it’s just what you’re looking for. Check the forums for tip on getting the songs you listen to in Pandora post to your Last.FM account.



  2. Google is the best search engine

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