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Just LazizGood food, good alcohol, and good people: another great weekend. Sad news is that my camera broke Saturday night, so I only have pictures from the first half of the weekend. I really really really hope I can get it fixed. You know how sad I am without my camera.

Friday night, I tried Lebanese food for the first time in the Burbank area of San Jose. Pretty good stuff, but I won’t be rushing back. Maybe if I was eating meat I’d be into it more. It hasn’t replaced Ethiopian as my latest ethnic food obession. But I am really liking West San Carlos Street more and more. I wrote more about it on metblogs.

I picked Mandy up from the airport that night, and dude, that place is a nightmare. I am dreading my flight in a few days. It also isn’t a good sign that two friends both had their luggage lost on the same day on different flights.

I like the red oneSaturday night was Gabe’s Tequilaugust, which I had been hearing about ever since Keith’s Scotchoberfest last year. Ginuary was pretty fun, but I have to admit that Tequilaugust was even better (and yes, even better than my own Tequila de Mayo). The amount of tequila was overwhelming. I must have tried at least 20 different ones. Good good times.

Then my camera broke. I have been taking pictures, often while drinking, with my adorable Sony T7 for well over a year without incident. Then Saturday night, I dropped it on the hard kitchen floor. But it was fine! …until I dropped it the second time. Now it seems to take pictures and the screen turns on, but the screen is blank. I am hoping that it is just a lose connection that can be easily fixed.

I would have taken pictures all day today. I went up to the city (it had been 9 whole days since I’d been there!) and met up with Normen and Tom to bake croissants (aka hoernchens aka hoernleins) for Dave’s birthday. Normen has claimed for some time to be an expert croissant-maker, and since I have a slight croissant obession, I had been wanting to see how to make homemade ones. Oh, I love Tom’s house. He has the most amazing view of the city. It was a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. So, since the recipe was in German and Normen was the expert, I pretty must just watched him make the croissants. My contribution was mostly helping with the metric conversions in the recipe. They turned out more like flakey biscuits than traditional French croissants, but Normen claimed that’s how they are in Germany.

With our bag of fresh hoernchens for Dave, we headed to the Mission Bernal Heights to Zante for Indian pizza. Indian pizza is sort of interesting. It has regular crust and cheese, but instead of regular sauce and toppings, it has Indian sauces and vegetables. I don’t know if I like it as much as traditional Indian food, but it was fun to try. Oh! more pizza: earlier in the afternoon, we took a break from baking and got pizza at Escape from New York in the Haight (way better than Pizza My Heart, but same idea). My slice with pesto, potatoes, and roasted garlic was greasy but oh, so good. Not that I feel hung over today, but the greasy food hit the spot.

So after dinner we walked to Mitchell’s for ice cream. The wait was insane (this place is famous in the SF ice cream scene), but it was a nice night, so we didn’t mind waiting. My ice cream was full of tropical fruits and beans. It was good, but it didn’t have a very distictive flavor, which was surprising. Also disappointing was that the toppings are just Smuckers like you get at the grocery store, so nothing special. I am really wanting to try the Indian ice cream place now–and all of the yummy-smelling Central American restaurants that we passed on Mission.

Full of pizza and ice cream, Normen and I decided to walk back to his apartment (almost three miles away) instead of taking MUNI. Walking in the city is the best, especially at night. We walked through the quite neighborhoods along Church, looking in to the little restaurants, closed stores, and people’s windows. Once again, I find that the best conversations happen during long walks.

I love San Francisco more and more every time that I am there. With each restaurant that I try, pretty house that I see, and new neighborhood that I discover, I fall in love more. I am thinking more seriously about finding a way to move up there, even with my school plans. Tonight I so wanted to be able to walk back to an apartment in the city instead of having to drive an hour back to San Jose. I’ll be back soon for the metrblogging meetup.


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