The things I think I cannot do

You must do the things you think you cannot do. — Eleanor Roosevelt

That’s what I have been trying to do lately. Everytime I find myself making blanket negative statements about myself or my abilities, I decide to the opposite.

One of them has always been:

I don’t run.

But lately I have talked to friends training for major runs, and they all said that when they started they could barely run a mile. Or that they never were runners before they started training for an event. So I decided that I should try to run more. I have run on the treadmill a few times at the gym, and besides being boring, it really wasn’t too bad. Then last night, my friend asked if I wanted to join him and some other runners for an evening run from the Ferry Building to the Presidio.

Normally I would have said no because I am not a runner, but Yesterday, I asked myself, why not? I knew that I probably wouldn’t make it the whole way my first try, but that wasn’t a reason not to go. So I talked myself into it. We drove up to San Francisco and were a little too late to meet up with the other runners. Daniel and I ran the first mile together before I told him to go off and catch up with the others. I was pretty worn out already, so I instead I did some running/jogging around the waterfront and then up to Coit Tower. It was a picture perfect evening. It was sunny and the views were incredible. Even though I didn’t do the whole run, I had so much fun on my own. Any maybe next time I’ll make it a little farther.

Another assumptions that I have made about myself:

I could never start a business. That is just too risky for me.

A friend and I used to throw around this idea for a business, but it was just a way to escape work and fantasize for a while. But yesterday I mentioned it to another friend, and she was so enthusiastic and supportive of the idea (and wanting to help herself!), it made me think that maybe I should really consider pursuing this more. It combines a lot of my passions and there really seems to be a market for it. Last night I mentioned this idea to another friend, and she thought it was such a great idea that she offered capital for the project and suggested that I talk to her sister about investing as well.

So all of the sudden, it has gone from a fun talk at work to something that I am going to do more research for. Once again, I am asking myself, why not? Sure it is risky and I know nothing about starting a business, but I have people who want to help me and people who want to give me money. I can read and learn and figure it out.


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