Back and ready for some action

BeautyMiss me? I just got back from a week in the beautiful Inland Northwest. I flew into Spokane, saw my family, and went to the annual Camp Biack Rock. I was completely exhausted, phyisically and emotionally, but after a good night’s sleep, I am feeling rested and ready to go. But the best news is…

My camera is fixed! Horray! I know you were worried. The service guys at Huppin’s in Spokane are my new best friends. I was quite discouraged last week when I called some places here in San Jose and was told that I would have to send my camera in to Sony to be fixed (starting at $181). I took my broken camera along on my trip anyway in case some miracle would happen and it would start working again. Thursday, I was downtown at Auntie’s Bookstore, and I saw Huppin’s Hi-Fi Photo and Video across the street. So I ran across and talked to them. I ended up leaving my camera there while I was at the lake. I get back to great news: the LCD was in fact broken, which costs $150 to replace, but they had a spare one from a damaged T7 and they would give it to me for $20. Plus they replaced my beat up case with the extra one. With labor, I have a completely functional and shiny-looking camera for under $100. How great is that?

The 2006 crewWhile I was there, I also checked out the newer Sony cameras: the T9 and T30. Not impressed. They are both twice as thick as my camera. Sure, they have more megapixels and the T30 has a huge screen, but I am still quite happy with my camera and see no reason to upgrade yet. And now it works and I can take pictures again!

Oh yeah, so back to my trip. Even though I couldn’t take pictures at the lake, Marlene (not my mom, another Marlene) had her Canon D70 with a nice zoom lens there. Her pictures are really great, much better than I could have done, and I have posted them on Flickr. She manages to take candid shots that really capture what it is like to be at Biack Rock. I have been going there for probably about fifteen years (see?), and it is really a special place with special people.

This year there were lots of new “kids” there, and it was really fun spending the weekend with them. This was my first Biack Rock weekend sans a +1 since 1998, and it was really fun to be there on my own, I must say. Although, I had no idea how much “Tattoo Boy” would be missed by everyone. Fortunately, there were no jet ski incidents aside from me almost launching one onto the dock.

It was amazing how much we packed into such a short weekend. It felt much longer than it actually was. I swam a lot, rode jet skis, played Pinnocle, sang campfire songs, cooked dinner for 30 people, played some intense charades, read a whole book, and ate tons of food.

BiackRock06 394I also spent some time with my family on this trip. It ended up being quite emotionally draining, but we had some good talks and I am glad that we were able to talk about important things in person. I am really thankful for my great family and I am really looking forward to seeing them again during the holidays.

Up next: lots of work stuff to get through, and then some fun parties up in the city this weekend. And then Laura and co. will be visiting from Germany! Horray!


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