Remainders…caffeine and gadgets

A few things for Friday:

  • Technology good, technology bad: Today, I impressed myself by pulling a shot of espresso on a fur-real espresso machine for the first time without any instruction, and with an audience. I guess my years of watching baristas paid off. But then, hours later, my cell phone rang during a meeting. So very uncool. No one ever calls me during the day, except, apparently, when it is the worst-possible time to call.
  • I am the proud owner of a half pound of Kona coffee fresh from Hawaii. Thanks, Normen!
  • I think I am going to do it. Apple finally made an MP3 player that I can’t resist. It’s damn cute, damn small, and damn cheap. I’ll be ordering it this weekend.
  • Speaking of new toys, I am deciding if I want to upgrade my phone now that I am up for my contract renewal. Part of me wants the new fancy features, but the other part of me is still happy with my two-year-old phone. I guess it depends on how much I want a camera and outside display. I’ll probably wait until a smaller phone comes out. I am a sucker for tiny gadgets.
  • Just registered for the WITI conference in October. Sounds like a mixed bag. Talks include “Women at Play: Women as Consumers of Entertainment Technology” and “Turning Walls into Bridges, Becoming The Person You Were Meant to Be.” Hmmm…
  • Anna has an interesting post about programming as a kid. Makes me realize how I am really just a wannabe geek. While I was always a fan of computer games and stuff like Print Shop, I never once thought about programming until I got to college.

One response to “Remainders…caffeine and gadgets

  1. I’m tempted by the WITI conference. And yet, it’s a conference. I didn’t go to BlogHer either, nor anything remotely in my professional field.

    I think I was embarassed that I was interested in coding for quite a long time. Then I merged it with making movies and it all made sense.

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