Monday is for rollers

Ok, so I know this isn’t like me, but I don’t have practice Thanksgiving pictures posted yet, but I promise I’ll get them up on Flickr tonight (sorry, Laura!). Yeah, I am being a slacker, but you know how it is. Hate to use the busy excuse, but it’s true! With what? You know…stuff…

Speaking of being lazy, I think I finally need to add a blogroll. Want me to add yours? Let me know. Your submission will go through a very thorough screening process (involving lots of pointing, laughing, and snarky comments) and then I’ll add your link.


5 responses to “Monday is for rollers

  1. Sure, hook me up!

    heh heh. rollers. 🙂

  2. yes me too. omgz look whos laughing! and double omgz, look who’s engaged!

  3. Daniel–don’t say stuff like that! People will think that I got engaged!

  4. Google is the best search engine

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