What does Oliver want?

Yet another bulleted rundown of my goings ons:

  • I went to Milk Pail in Mountain View on Friday and actually bought something this time. Pressure is mounting at work for a repeat of my blondies, so I bought unsweetened coconut, and I found the Guittard white chips that Cook’s Illustrated recommends. Let me just say, they are as good as the magazine says, and I am completely addicted to them and can’t stop nibbling on them. After Milk Pail, I hung out in a coffee shop waiting for traffic to die down before heading south. There is no getting around the bad traffic on 85 and 101, and that has me worried a bit.
  • I took some instructor classes in San Ramon for 24-Hour Fitness. They were really good and I liked everyone there, despite the high former-cheerleader ratio. And boys, you missed out: a bunch of aerobics instructors practicing the strip-tease routine is as good as it sounds. They even have a disco ball and turn down the lights in that club’s aerobics room. I start the employment process this week and I have been offered my own step class as soon as I am ready! Pretty soon, it will be official and I really will be an aerobics instructor.
  • Since I was up in San Ramon, I thought I’d just spend Saturday night in the city with Normen. So for the first time I had to battle crossing the Bay Bridge into SF. I don’t recommend it. Even on a Saturday afternoon, it took forever. Once I got there, we went to dinner, did some shopping, went to a party, and listening to a lot of Depeche Mode, prompting the question: “Oliver wanted…Oliver needed…” what??

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